Course delivery methods

Traditional Classroom Learning

The traditional classroom methodology provides an in-class experience, giving students the chance to connect and ask questions all guided by an expert instructor.
As traditional classroom learning provides a dedicated learning environment, students can focus on developing new skills while avoiding outside distractions.

In-House Training

Bring our training to your office
Our in-house training solutions allow you to choose any classroom course of your choice to be delivered to at any venue of your choice - offering you the ultimate in convenience and value for money.
Running courses onsite saves you money by training multiple employees at once and reducing the travel and accommodation expenses associated with public courses. In-house training puts you in control of your employees and allows you to monitor what they are learning during their training. All courses can be tailored to your business requirements, whether those are regarding timing, content or anything else.
We design and develop all our courses, and can make business-specific additions according to the needs of your staff and organisation.

Remote Training Courses (Instructor-led)

Remote training courses (live Instructor-led online) are taught by an instructor on a one-to-one basis or with a small number of participants (typically 2 to 4 trainees).
- The participants and the trainer interact with each other using virtual desktops and video calls (VOIP such as Skype).
- Most courses are exactly the same as their classroom equivalent, including the course duration, curriculum and student materials.
- With these sessions, each participant has their own remote desktop where they can perform labs and exercises with the oversight of the trainer.
- This is often a more efficient way of teaching than a traditional classroom setting.